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The Foodening
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Eating Food.
The Foodening

The Foodening is a strange occurence which seems to happen in a periodic and predictable fashion. When The Foodening occurs aliens and Irkens flock to Foodcourtia where they proceed to eat ravenously until the end of The Foodening, causing immense problems for any unlucky restauranteurs whose employees have quit being banished to go become an Invader.

In The Frycook what Came from All that Space Sizz-Lorr is left to fend for himself during a Foodening and it buys Zim 20 years of freedom since the gravitational pull of a Foodening is so strong that nothing can escape it (and the reason that it takes less than 20 years for Sizz-Lorr to come looking for Zim is very a very complicated matter involving space and time and relativity and crap like that. Trust me.)
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